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Oldest Ancestor of Family Group
Unknown Gammon
Earliest known date for Oldest Ancestor
Before 2014
Origin of Family Group

Descendants of Gammon, Unknown

1. Gammon, Unknown

  sp. Unknown, Unknown

    2. Gammon, Samuel James (d. 2014)

      sp. Unknown, Carrol

        3. Gammon, Barbra

          sp. Sinson

            4. Sinson, Victoria

        3. Gammon, Thomas

          sp. Unknown

            4. Gammon, Lindsay

            4. Gammon, Tasha

        3. Gammon, Douglas

          sp. Unknown

            4. Gammon, Alex

            4. Gammon, Ashley

        3. Gammon, Jeffrey

          sp. Unknown, Unknown

            4. Gammon, Pillip James

            4. Gammon, April

            4. Gammon, Dennis

            4. Gammon, Julia

    2. Gammon, William James

Place of Origin