My name is Ross Gammon, and I am conducting a one-name study into the origins of the Gammon/Gamon/Gambon surname. I am a member of the Guild of One-Name Studies (or GoONS for short), and I am collecting all references to the name (internationally), and then trying to collate family trees using these sources. By collecting these references and pulling them together into family tress, I hope to find out if there was one common ancestor that started the surname back when surnames began to become hereditary, or whether there were various sources of the surname. It would also be interesting to know where the surname started out. There are some very preliminary findings on this, that are published on my GoONS profile page.

Like many people that start studying their surname, I started because I had hit a "brickwall" in researching my own Gammon ancestors. By collecting information about other Gammon families in the area, I hoped to work my way around that block.

Another part of the One Name Study, is trying to be a focal point for people who are researching the Gammons in their own family tree. I have had many researchers contact me, and I am slowly working through their family trees to try and connect the trees together where I can. This website is intended to be where I publish basic information about each family group and what work is happening in that area. This website contains a page for every Family Group I have managed to pull together. In addition to this, occasionally I upload a snapshot of my Gammon Family Tree database.

Another major part of doing a One Name Study, is to help other family history researchers that have Gammons in their family tree. Hopefully this website will also help with that. Please bear with me whilst I slowly add information to the website, it is a slow process, and I do have other commitments. If you do not find your particular Gammons on the website, then please get in touch using the "Contact" page. I may have some information on your Gammons hidden away in older filing systems!

In any case, all input and queries are welcome. I do occasionally try and update everyone on my progress using my Wordpress.com blog. Feel free to monitor news from me there, and to add comments about your Gammon family!

If you are a male Gammon (or have a male Gammon relative you can arm-twist), you might be interested in the Gammon DNA project on Family Tree DNA. With this project, I hope to be able to use the recent advances in DNA for genealogy to help us group Gammon families together, and perhaps to break down some brick walls where the documentation is not helpful or missing.