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Back in the summer last year (2019) I was contacted by Annie Wells from New Zealand. Through her immediate DARRACOT ancestors she is connected to the GAMONs of North Devon. I found the marriage of Thomas DARRACOT to Mary GAMON in Braunton in my indexes. Unfortunately, there are 2 other Mary GAM(M)ONs born around the same time (1807) in Braunton, so it is hard to tell which is the right one to take the tree back any further.

Descendant Report for Gamon, Mary

Generation 1

1.    Gamon, Mary. (WELL/001)


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Many years ago (in 2006 in fact), I contacted Judy Roake via the Devon Family History Society membership list. It turned out her Gammon family was Australian, with origins in North Devon, England like mine. Well it has taken a while to get around to processing the information she sent me. Although the tree goes back much further, it is only proved back to Philip GAMMON so far, who was born about 1715, in Shirwell, Devon, England. Nevertheless, the tree starts with his father Thomas GAMMON, as stated on Philip's baptism in Shirwell. I have not been able to track down Thoma's marriage.


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After being sent a transcription from the Leamington Courier of an obituary  by another Guild of One Name Studies member, I pulled together a Family Tree for this family. The obituary was for Margaret GAMMON (nee SPALL) who died in June 2018. I traced the family back to Ellen Beatrice GAMMON who seems to have been a single parent, and spent some time in the workhouse. A bit more investigation is required to find out a bit more about her, and to try and take the family back further.




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This tree was pulled together after a fellow GoONS member sent me a notice from the Befordshire Times & Citizen (5th Jan 2012). This was a while ago, but I had not had time to process it. I am sure the family is linked to one of my other Befordshire trees. Unfortunately, as there were two GAMMONS/WILES marriages in Befordshire at the same time, I need more information about which family id which to proceed further. Maybe the 1939 register will help me?


Descendant Report for Gammons, Benjamin C


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This Family Tree is from David Gammon who joined the Gammon FamilyTreeDNA project a while back. With information from his tree uploaded there, and using my Census & BMD indexes, I was able to compile this Family Group. The family were based around Carlton in Nottinghamshire, in England. William appears to be from Gloucestershire.

Descendant Report for Gammon, William

Generation 1

1. Gammon, William.


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Several years ago, Phil Gammon got in contact with me, and I started compiling his tree based on information in his email, and data from my BMD & census records. But then I got distracted with other things. Phil recently got back in touch, and I picked up the work again. It is believed that this family group is connected with the STEP Family Group (also from Kent), but I need to do some more detective work with Phil to confirm this.



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Thanks to the GoONS Newswatch Project, I received a copy of the Funeral Notice for Denzil (Ray) Gammons from the Herts Advertiser. I managed to piece together a bit of his family, but was unable to work out who his parents were without spending money on a birth certificate. He did not come up on the 1939 Register either, and the 1921 census is not yet publically available.

Descendants of Gammons, Denzil Raymond


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I have not yet finished entering the information I have to hand for this family, but thought I would upload what I had so far.
This tree came about after Pamela HORNER contacted me about helping her to find out where in England Philip and his brother Joseph originated from. Maybe a trip to the SoG will help out here. There are also many trees on Ancestry.com that are connected with this family, so I should be able to add lots more information over time.

Descendant Report for Gammon, Philip

Generation 1

1. Gammon, Philip.


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Descendants of Gammon, Milton

1. Gammon, Milton

  sp. Unknown

    2. Gammon, Synthia